“Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.”
Wendell Berry


Our Mission


For us, farming is about feeding people, especially those with limited access to fresh food. That's why we strive to grow clean, nutritious food that is accessible to every person in our community. 

Lauren and Kevin

We met in the Ouachita Mountains of Central Arkansas. Lauren was milking goats, delivering lambs, breeding rabbits, slaughtering chickens, and doing everything in between. Kevin was picking okra in the summer heat while juggling the occasional unsupervised child and lost CSA member.

While farming in the nations most food insecure state, we realized that for a lot of people, fresh food is hard to come by. This realization changed our direction when it came to growing food. Together we grew food for homeless students in Little Rock, spent a year studying intensive market gardening in Ireland, and island hopped throughout the Pacific Northwest. Before landing in rural Western Washington, Kevin was managing Willowood Farm on Whidbey Island, and Lauren was the sole farm hand at 3 Sisters Family Farm where she raised cattle, hogs, lamb, and chickens.  


We currently lease about 2 acres of farmland from Sno-Valley TILTH, where we keep our own chickens and grow our crops (when it isn't flood season!)  

Aside from Lettuce Love Farm, you can find Kevin at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center teaching kids about growing food, and Lauren helps low-income families apply for energy grants through Hopelink.