Our Garden

We grow unique, nutritious vegetables with bold flavors derived from our rich, dark soils. We exclusively use  sustainable and natural growing practices which foster a thriving soil ecosystem and keep our farmland productive. To do this, we carefully cover crop and rotate our fields, apply naturally sourced nutrients and minerals, and integrate our livestock into our vegetable gardens. Together, these practices help us to provide our crops the perfect place to grow without needing to rely on the chemical fertilizers and pest controls that are pervasive on conventional farms.

We believe smaller is sometimes better. Our small scale allows us to farm with the use of hand tools and to intimately work our soils in tune with the natural systems around us. We further put this belief into practice by sourcing nonGMO seeds from small, locally owned seed companies and our tools and amendments from the independent businesses in our own backyard. 

Also...We're kind of obsessed with carrots.